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EnColl Corporation, established in 1994, is a California corporation that develops, manufactures and markets Type-I collagen-based products. EnColl uses its patented technology for the preparation of high purity and charge modified collagen (U.S. Patents 5,814,328 (1998); 6,127,143 (2000) & 6,548,077(2003). The company’s technologies and manufacturing system yields a series of high quality products required for various medical fields such as general and plastic surgery (healing of wounds, burns and dermal ulcers/sores), orthopedic surgery (bone regeneration, spinal fusion), oral surgery (periodontal and dental products), and neurological injuries (brain/nerve regeneration), drug delivery, biopharmaceutical research, and cosmetic & dietary applications.

EnColl's Collagen Technology

EnColl’s technology is a Two-step enzyme Treatment Process (TTP) for the modification and purification of Type-I collagen which results in collagen that is 99% pure, yields the least immunogenicity & renders high bioactivity necessary for treatment, therapy & tissue regeneration for medical applications. Papain, an enzyme extracted from papaya, is known to break the cleavage sites neighboring the disulfide bonds of cysteine. 

Collagen has become an important tool for hastening the healing process of injured tissues. Current collagen products (derived through the extraction or recombinant methods) have potential problems in terms of the purity, immunogenicity and other related-problems rendering the collagen unsuitable for bio-medical and research applications. The traditional manufacturers of medical grade collagen and others have agreed that they have considerable amounts of type-III collagen contamination in their products. This results in a 3% rejection of their collagen when implanted in human. EnColl’s high purity collagen has proven to be a better opportunity for all medical applications.
A Product with Patented American Technology

Enhancing Life Through Collagen

Helicoll® is a bioengineered high purity Type-I collagen (>97% pure) forming an acellular skin substitute construct that is highly bioactive, cell conducive, and supportive towards enhancing tissue generation for wound management. Helicoll® is an acellular dermal replacement product and is within the definition of a bioengineered skin substitute. It provides a framework that promotes the regeneration of blood vessels and supports biologic cell migration due to the resorbable properties of Helicoll®. Treatment course typically involves 1 to 4 applications.

Our Products

Our products are designed and developed to be the ideal solution for specific biomedical applications while complying with the most stringent quality control standards in our manufacturing facilities as mandated by the FDA and the WHO regulatory organizations.

Surgical Products

Surgical Products

Cardiovascular / Orthopaedic

Bio Technology Products

Other Products

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Award of Innovative Technology Contract for Helicoll

Helicoll biological skin substitute product has received an Innovative Technology contract from Vizient, Inc., the largest member-driven healthcare performance…

EnColl’s Cutting Edge Technology Product

EnColl offers the only manufacturing process which produces high purity, surgical grade collagen with EnColl’s patented Phosphorylated modifications to the Ultra-pure collagen substratum…

Treatment of Epidermolysis Bullosa using Helicoll

The purpose of this study is to confirm Helicoll’s clinical effectiveness in promoting EB wound healing and reducing patient pain…

Happy Patients & Clients

To treat my patients effectively, now I can relate to a successful product with good clinical outcome namely Helicoll

Dr. Kaplan, DPM

Helicoll collagen has been instrumental in healing many different kinds of wounds and I am quite satisfied with the current result .

Dr. Byunghee Kevin Kim, DPM

Helicoll is the miracle cure! Would encourage anyone with a wound to skip all the other "miracle cures" and get their lives back again in record time.

Barbara Crowley

Helicoll has increased patient satisfaction and comfort, reduced healing time, all while saving my facilities significant money.

Dr. Prema Dhanraj, Mch

As a patient Helicoll has my full endorsement and would encourage any one with open wound like mine or any open wound that will not heal to try this product.

James Muir

I have had the privilege of using Helicoll on numerous patients with ulcers of the skin. I have consistently found the product to be a help in wound care in these patients.

Dr. David Gorsulowsky, MD

Helicoll has solid science behind it. It is comprised of full-molecules of phosphorylated Type-I bovine collagen. Helicoll is safe and I have not seen any side effects in my patients.

Dr. Kathryn Springer, MD

Helicoll allows hemostasis, extra cellular matrix regeneration, and cell signal transduction to occur simultaneously, resulting in very rapid tissue granulation while maintaining the body's natural levels of MMPs.

Dr. Saundra Kay, MD

In my career I have seen and trialed many products and I have to say I am amazed at the results that I have been getting with the Helicoll product.

Pam Locke, MSN
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