Research Products

The company has also developed CollagenPRO COAT, a thin coating of the patented collagen to enhance cell attachment and propagation.
One of the major US distributors for Research Products (Sigma Chemicals Inc.) has tested and has included EnColl’s CollagenPR0 COAT product in their catalogues since 1999. EnColl has also plans on collaborative research with other Genetic Engineering Companies for gene transfection kits and other cell signal transduction in vitro diagnostic test kits. Please refer to table below for pricing:
Product Pricing
CPC101P6 6-well Multiwell Plates, (5/pkg) $43.20 >30 pkgs
CPC101P12 12-well Multiwell Plates, (5/pkg) $45.00 >30 pkgs
CPC101P24 24-well Multiwell Plates, (5/pkg) $45.00 >30 pkgs
CPC101P48 48-well Multiwell Plates, (5/pkg) $61.20 >20 pkgs
CPC101P96 96-well Multiwell Plates, (5/pkg) $46.80 >30 pkgs
CPC101P384 384-well Multiwell Plates, (5/pkg) $63.00 >20 pkgs
CPC101P384BC 384-well Plates, Blk w/Clrbotm,(5/pkg) $113.40 >20 pkgs
CPC101D35 35mm Petri Dishes, (20/pkg) $39.60 >30 pkgs
CPC101D60 60mm Petri Dishes, (20/pkg) $42.30 >30 pkgs
CPC101D100 100mm Petri Dishes, (10/pkg) $46.80 >30 pkgs
CPC101D150 150mm Petri Dishes, (5/pkg) $58.50 >30 pkgs
CPC101F25 T-25 Culture Flasks, (10/pkg) $66.60 >20 pkgs
CPC101F75 T-75 Culture Flasks, (5/pkg) $46.80 >30 pkgs
CPC101F175 T-175 Culture Flasks, (5/pkg) $99.00 >20 pkgs
*all plates are clear unless specified. Pls indicate other requirements.
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