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EnColl Corporation
US-FDA cleared
US FDA K#040314
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EnColl's technology is based on a Two-step enzyme Treatment Process (TTP) for the modification and purification of Type-I collagen resulting in 99% pure Type-I collagen. EnColl's Type-I collagen is the purest, least immunogenic and highly bioactive, making it the ideal choice for the treatment, therapy and regeneration of tissue system(s) as it applies to various medical applications.

Papain, an enzyme extracted from papaya, is known to break the cleavage sites neighboring the disulfide bonds of cysteine. Papain has also been reported to have a lytic (destructive) effect of elastin and bound antibodies the contaminants that are difficult to remove from purified collagen (Coulson, Biochim. Biophys. Acta 237:378, 1971; and Smith et al., Nature 198:1311-2, 1963 ).

After the purification process, EnColl's collagen is further bioactivated by varied degrees of controlled modification of phosphorylation. Purified collagen can be chemically-modified by covalently binding phosphates to hydroxyl groups of hydroxylated amino acids. This reaction likely involves covalent bonding of phosphate to hydroxyl group of serine, tyrosine and/or threonine, hydroxylysine and hydroxyproline. The reaction is controllable to achieve different degrees of bioactivity for varied applications. Encoll's phosphorylated collagen renders unique abilities in the growth of soft or hard tissue as needed by the physiological system.

Collagen has become an important tool for hastening the healing process of injured tissues. Current collagen products (derived through the extraction or recombinant methods) have the potential problems in terms of the purity, immunogenicity and related-problems rendering the collagen unsuitable for bio-medical and research applications. The traditional manufacturers of medical grade collagen and others have agreed that they have considerable amounts of type-III collagen contamination in their products. This results in a 3% rejection of their collagen when implanted in human. Encoll's high purity collagen has proven to be a superior technology solution for all medical applications.
The unique post-translational modification (phosphorylation) of Collagen through EnColl's patented manufacturing process gives added advantage by enhanced bioactivity useful for a variety of medical applications.
Other common benefits of EnColl's collagen (over other commercially available collagen) in the market are:
Least Immunogenicity
Cell Attractability
Hemostastic Ability
Structural Stability
Target Specificity
Slow and Sustained Release of Bound Drugs
Increased solubility & Optical clarity at neutral pH after chemical modification
Enhanced bonding to active drugs or factors
Available in powder, tubular, gel, film, surface coating, sponge or in fabric form
Better bioactive coating on inactive surfaces.
  Professional Employment History

Dr. Guna is the founder and CEO of Encoll Corp. (founded in 1994). Dr. Guna has three US Patents and has fifteen publications in the area of collagen and biomaterials since the founding of EnColl. Previously Dr. Guna was a consultant and scientist for Pfizer, Orthopedic Division. Dr. Guna was employed by University of Arizona, Department of Surgery as a Research Scientist and Lecturer. Dr Guna holds a Ph.D. in Biological-chemistry/Neuro-physiology.

Areas of Expertise

Dr. Guna is accomplished in areas basic research involving cell culture, pre-clinical animal model development, protein processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and the strategic development of ethical drugs and regulatory approved medical devices. Additionally, his basic research included work in cell culture and animal model development. Dr. Guna directed a number of programs for successful development of ethical drug and device product as the head of project design groups and management teams. He has completed numerous pre-clinical study designs and study executions.

Dr. S. Gunasekaran

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R. Shea, MBA, PhD  (VP –  Marketing & Sales)

  • 25 years of leadership experience in Management and Marketing
  • Solid understanding of technology and corporate operations

V. Muthu, BS (Bio), MEd (Regulatory Affairs)

  • Experience in Biology
  • Strategic Documentation of high-end products
Kalai Gunasekaran, (QC & Executive Board)
  • Over 15 years in Biotech products QC

Lynn Tran, (Purchasing & Office Secretary)

  • Office Management

Leland Winters, MD, DBA (Advisory Board, Clinicial Affairs)

  • 15 years hospital CEO with clinical experience

Peter Vartabedian, MBA (Advisory Board, Business Development)

  • 20 years Biz development experience
Ken Wing, Advisory Board
  • 30+ years executive leadership
  • Expertise in building and operating major organization

Corine Klingbeil, PhD (Advisory Board)

  • Serial entrepreneur with deep networks in Biotech

Marilyn Kwolek, MD (Advisory Board)

  • CA Board Certified Dermatologist
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