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EnColl Corporation
US-FDA cleared
US FDA K#040314
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All EnColl products and solutions are based on our breakthrough patented technologies yielding the purest, most bioactive and biocompatible Type-I collagen available in the global market today. Our Collagen-based products can be manufactured in customizable polymer sheets, injection serum, gel & cream, granulated powder or computerized thin-film coating for various medical, research and surgical applications.

Our products are designed and developed to be the ideal solution for specific biomedical applications while complying with the most stringent quality control standards in our manufacturing facilities as mandated by the FDA and the WHO regulatory organizations.
Dermal Surgical/Skin Care

Helicoll ™
Helicoll is a bioengineered high purity Type-1 collagen (>97% pure) forming an acellular skin substitute construct that is highly bioactive, cell conductive, and supportive towards enhancing tissue generation for wound management.

Hemocoll ™
Sterile,Hemostatic agent,Biological Skin Protectant and Wound Filler for Burn, Trauma, Chronic Skin Ulcers and Post-Operative Wounds.

Enco Skin ™
Advanced Nanotech Type-I Collagen Topical Cream Dramatically Reduced Skin Wrinkles, Heals Skin Damage Caused By Laser & Chemical Treatment, Radiation, Photo-Oxidation and Extreme Temperatures
Dental Surgical Products

OsseoGraft ™
Sterile Bioresorbable Demineralized Bone Matrix (DMBM) for Xenograft Material.

OsseoMold ™
Xenograft Material,DMBM along with calciumsulphate and hemi-hydrate.(Powder Forms)

HealiGuide ™
Sterile Bioresorbable Collagen Membrane for Guided Tissue Regeneration (GTR) of GTR/GBR.

Periodontal Plus AB ™
Sterile, Tetracycline incorporated - Resorbable collagen fibers for the treatment of infectious Gum Diseases through the modern Local Drug Delivery concepts.
Research Products

Standard Multi-Well Plates
Type-I Collagen-based Sterile Biological Dressing for Second-degree burn, Skin Donor Site, Trauma, Chronic Skin Ulcers and Post-Operative Wounds

Standard Tissue -culture Flasks
Sterile Biological Skin Protectant and Wound Filler for Burn, Trauma, Chronic Skin Ulcers and Post-Operative Wounds
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